Academic Calendar

   Academic Calendar 2020-2021


7th - 14th September

Parents meeting (by grades)

15th September

School starts

5th October

Teacher’s Day

26th -30th October

Parents meeting for G1,2,3,4

31th October

Parents meeting for G5-9

30th October

Fall Festival

10th-16th November

Science Fair G 5-8

11th -12th November

Handwriting competition for elementary school

26th November

Thanksgiving Day

21st December-4th January

New Year holidays

5th  January

School starts

5th -21st  February

Rehearsal for Debates (Grades 4-8)

8th -12th February

Math Week

February 14th

Parents meeting

15th -19th February

Book Week

22nd- 26th February

Debate Week for Grades 4-8

5th March

Alphabet celebration (Grade 1)

19th March

Novruz  Bayram celebration

20th -31st March

Spring break

1st April

School starts

1st -3rd April

Parents meeting for G1-2

9th April

Easter Egg hunt for G 1,2

10th April

Parents meeting for G3-8

12th -16th April 

International Week 

22nd April

Earth Day

1st -5th May

Break for Elementary school

6th May

School starts

18th-21sh May

Science Fair for G 1-4

11th-13th May

Talent Show 1st tour for grades 2-7

27th  May

Talent Show 2nd tour

1st June

Talent Show Final

June (date to be confirmed)

Parents meeting (individual)

1st -4th   June

Science Expo for G 7,8

4th June

Graduation Ceremony for Grade 5

10th June

Summer Fair

14th June

Last day of school


National and Public Holidays

9th November/Monday

Flag Day

21st December-4th January

New Year holidays

20th January/Wednesday

Day of Mourning

8th March/ Monday

Women’s Day

20th-31st  March

Novruz  Bayram /Spring festival

9th May/ Sunday (May 10, day off)

Victory Day

14th -15th May

Eid (Ramazan) celebration

28th May/Friday

Republic Day