About Us

BMEC (Baku Modern Educational Complex) started to function as BMS (Baku Modern School) in September 2012. Today, having gained the trust of students and parents, BMEC is a huge leading educational complex. This transformation is the result of effective team work of school administration and professional teachers. BMEC’s primary goal is to integrate into the European system of education by the organization of educational process on the basis of modern technologies meeting the international standards.

In BMEC you can find all conditions for the formation of skills necessary for XXI century younger generation; for the development of metacognitive skill (awareness of their cognitive capacity) which is important for education throughout all life; for the identification of intellectual and creative potential of exceptional children.

The program of  BMEC corresponds to the following levels: preschool education (age 2-6); primary education (grades I-IV); secondary education (grades V-VIII) and high school education (grades IX-XI). Apart from that  an International School is separately functioning within the complex, program of which complies with American standarts, namely “Common Core State Standards”.

Being guided by the state standards and the international educational programs, BMEC has created its own teaching and learning programs. All educational process is organized on the basis of these programs.

New educational approaches based on modern methods and technologies allow children to get acquainted with professional skills from the earliest age in order to become experts in the future.

The educational atmosphere created in BMEC promotes the formation of confident young people, contributing to society. It also supports the development of their creative thinking, which is affected by the use of innovative technologies. The integration of the students who have already seized the national values into the world culture helps to improve their critical thinking and creative approach to the solution of problems.

The complex is supplied with a security system. Parents can watch their children’s educational activity by means of a special program and control their progress or lag in study.

BMEC gives academic and fundamental knowledge, carrying out quality education in accordance with modern requirements. It also creates conditions for children’s all-round development, for the preservation and strengthening of students’ physical, moral and social health by the means of creative activity.