Material and technical base



BMEC is provided with material and technical resources that meet modern requirements. The Complex consists of four educational buildings, three office buildings and vehicle fleet.s

The educational buildings are: the building of preschool education, the building of the International and primary school, the building of secondary school and the building of additional services.

Service facilities are: boiler and security rooms.

Underground parking is provided for placement, repair and cleaning of vehicles.

BMM-71“Modern Baby” – is a modern kindergarten which consists of 10 game rooms, 10 bedrooms, 4 classrooms, music, dance, robotics, painting rooms, cinema and gym.

In the building of the International and primary education there are 46 classrooms, 2 scientific laboratories, 2 Internet cafes, office of natural sciences, sports, gymnastics and dancing halls, chess office, fine arts, technology and music rooms and the swimming pool.

20150915-0U1A9831In the building of secondary education there are 48 classrooms, 3 scientific laboratories, 3 Internet cafes, offices of chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, mathematics, geography, history, language and literature, the gym, gymnastics and dance halls, chess, fine arts, technology and music rooms.

There are medical centers and dining rooms, equipped with the newest appliances in each building. All areas of the Complex are supplied with heating, ventilation and cooling system.

In the annexe there is a swimming pool, a gym and a café for rest.