Objectives and Aims

The motto of BMEC is: “The purpose of life is the pursuit of goals”. BMEC has several missions, and the main of them is to educate healthy young generations of Azerbaijan.

0U1A1396One of the primary goals of BMEC is to grow up independently conceiving, actively operating, self-confident members of society, capable to be happy in life and successful in career, having intellectual potential and moral principles on the basis of patriotism, statehood, national and cultural values and respect to education. Along with it, much attention is paid to the psychological and physical training of students.  Well-organized PE and extra-curriculum lessons not only promote physical development of younger generation, but also help to unveil, predict and guide psychological features of students.

Individual approach to children’s health maintenance, their feeding habits and planned prevention of infectious disease is carried out by the health service which includes a pediatrician, a nurse and a psychologist. Each child undergoes a medical examination annually. They also get medical care if necessary.

Our complex provides the implementation of students’ talents and skills, their preparation for independent living and the choice of profession, and the formation of their civic stand. It also cultivates respect and tolerance for national and universal values, rights and freedoms of a person. Along with constant training improvement (Humanities, technical, natural, etc.), conditions for communication in one or several foreign languages are created in our educational institution.

304876_10200400080555180_976355205_nIn order to control the quality of education, we created “The center of monitoring and evaluation”. The most important and difficult part of learning process is the achievement of qualitative education. In order to improve the quality of education, such factors as personal relationship of school management board to the arisen problems, the experience of local and foreign teachers, and the capabilities and needs of students are put on the first place.

Modern education should be focused on the personality. Our goal is the formation of people who can be the authors of their lives, victories and achievements. In this regard, versatile tasks for all student activities are being determined. All resources are being effectively used in order to bring up the people with certain skills and profound theoretical and practical knowledge. Training programs for all levels of education, including comprehensive programs, learning materials, textbooks and tests have been created.

0U1A0643The topic of innovation and globalization in our country, as well as all over the world, has maintained its relevance and the need to be the center of attention. This, in turn, leads to an increase of requirements to all fields of knowledge and competences, and also hinders the achievement of progress in these fields.

Sustainable development, mastering the latest knowledge, following to global tendencies and their transformation into a habit, is an important goal of our school. The latest updates and continuous development are considered the priority of BMEC since its inception. For example, the recognized in the world by the most successful international schools and newly introduced at our school method of training named “Common Core State Standarts”. This method is the most acceptable method for formation and development of critical thinking of students. Besides, the school management controls the development of the existing methods, it is mobile, willing to innovate constantly for the purpose of improvement of students’ creative thinking and their preparation for professional and academic life.

0U1A1833The maintenance of ethical standards.The maintenance of ethics and correctness, as well as the formation of these values in each student is the duty of every teacher and employee of our school.

As world practice shows, the education of the ethical culture at schools has gained the leading role. Thus, solving today’s social objectives of education, school should be based on reasonable and moral parties of a human soul. It should help each student to determine the value of his own life activity, to gain a sense of solidarity with other people and to share the responsibility for the preservation of the moral foundations of society.

The maintenance of ethical standards at our school is carried out on the basis of the following principles:

  • Assertion of spiritual and moral values in students’ consciousness and behavior;
  • Use of ethical standards in the educational environment, and also in the leading structure of school;
  • Use of ethical standards and correctness concerning parents.

Parents are children’s main mentors. In spite of this, our school also makes contribution to the formation and development of high moral values in the minds of its students. In order to grow up worthy citizens, teachers and tutors of our school form such senses in their students as responsibility, fidelity, honesty, humanity and law-abidance. The school requires its employees to be highly competent and responsible for the work and reporting. At the same time, the school management controls the equal and fair application of all internal rules and regulations to the staff. The school also doesn’t allow unethical behavior in the relations with parents.

Our school ensures the participation of parents in making any decision.

0U1A2036Patriotism and national traditions.The Azerbaijani people are the people with ancient history, moral values, rich traditions and heritage.

The issue of acquisition of national and moral values, upbringing the younger generation in the national spirit is one of the main tasks of BMEC.

Concerning this problem, the national leader Heydar Aliyev noted: “Young people should know their history and their national traditions well. The young man who doesn’t know their national values, customs and traditions, can not be a patriot”.

Numerous events for the preservation of customs and traditions are held in BMEC. The proof of this is Novruz and other national holidays celebrations annually held at a high level with participation of students. Ilham Aliyev, paying attention to the fidelity of national and moral values, said: “The Azerbaijani people have always been tied to the national roots, customs and traditions, and our future achievements are directly connected with these factors. We build Azerbaijan on the basis of our historical and rich cultural heritage”.

BMM-76The primary aims of preschool training in BMEC are education, upbringing, health protection and strengthening, children’s physical development and creation of conditions for the formation of healthy lifestyle.


  • Holistic development of a child as an individual;
  • Formation of educational skills and cognitive interests;
  • Development of children’s ability of self-control, self-assessment and the ability to analyze;
  • Formation of caring attitude towards elders and age-mates;
  • Cultivation of art taste and love to different types of art;
  • Improvement of labor skills and diligence;
  • Formation of children’s readiness for self-orientation and vigorous activity in the real life.