About Library


✧ The library functions on the basis of the specialized automated program IRBIS 64;
✧ The library is fully equipped with modern electronic equipment;
✧ Free selection of books based on the open shelves method;
✧ Use of the library is based on registration.


✧ Organization of reading hours;
✧ TDevelopment of creative and critical thinking skills;
✧ Discussion and analysis of reading materials;
✧ Organization of reading skills hours for elementary school students;
✧ Organization of meetings with poets and writers;
✧ Holding significant and historically significant dates;
✧ Holding essay and drawing competitions;
✧ Listening to audio tales;
✧ Assistance in improving the Azerbaijani language in the Russian sector;
✧ Book review;
✧ The holding of fairy tales days.


✧ Using the electronic catalog to study the library fund;
✧ Contacting the library to purchase books;
✧ Use of library computers and other technical equipment in the presence of a librarian.


✧ To take care of books and other print resources;
✧ To comply with the deadlines for the timely return of books and other resources;
* fiction and periodicals - 10 days
* textbooks and tutorials - 1 year.
✧ Readers who do not comply with the terms of return may be temporarily denied the right to use the library;
✧ To keep silence in the library;
✧ To recover damaged or lost books. If the book is out of stock or ordered from abroad, the reader must pay its cost or replace it with another book agreed with the librarian;
✧ To return borrowed books to the library when changing or finishing school.


✧ To take or return books in the absence of the librarian;
✧ Simultaneous use of a computer by several students;
✧ To use any paid web resources;
✧ To borrow books without registration;
✧ To use mobile phones in the library.